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When two people end a marriage, they need to make decisions regarding their children, property and future. Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC is dedicated to helping you achieve positive results that are beneficial for you and your family. We listen to your story, analyze your unique situation and then provide goal-oriented solutions.

Our divorce attorneys guide you through the family law process, whether it is settlement or trial. We want you to move forward in the way that is right for your family.

Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC handles all aspects of complex divorce, including:

Safeguarding your rights in La Plata, Maryland

For trusted legal advice when you are facing a divorce, contact the Law Offices of Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC today to arrange a consultation.

Contested and uncontested divorce

In uncontested divorces, the parties agree to the terms of divorce. Contested cases involve issues between parties that cannot be settled amicably, such as equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, parenting plans, time-sharing, child support and alimony. Whether your case is uncontested or contested, we can advise you on your legal options.

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Military divorce

Some unique requirements apply to divorce cases involving one or both spouses who are in the military, including:

  • Residency requirements
  • Subject-matter jurisdiction
  • Equitable distribution of military retirement
  • Certain legal protections for active duty military personnel

We can assist with your military divorce.

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Equitable property division

A variety of personal and financial factors are taken into consideration before marital property is distributed between divorcing spouses. Property owned and acquired during the marriage, including all assets and debts, is termed marital property, and is subject to equitable distribution. Separate property is not. We fight to protect your interests in property division.

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Alimony or spousal support

Alimony is a periodic payment for a fixed or unfixed time period. Whether you are the spouse who requires alimony or the spouse who faces the possibility of providing it, our attorneys have the experience to address your support issues.

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Child custody and visitation

Child custody law governs who gets to have legal and practical rights over a child or children under the age of 18. We negotiate parenting agreements involving shared physical custody, schedules and visitation to reduce future modifications.

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Child support

When marriages involving children dissolve, one parent often pays the other to support their children. We can help ensure that you receive or provide the appropriate amount of support for your child.

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Paternity actions

These are actions filed to help a parent protect important visitation, custody and support rights.

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