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Family Law

Strong lawyers help La Plata families through life's transitions

Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC provide compassionate representation on your family law matters. We know that each family situation is different and we focus on the particular needs of your case. Our family lawyers offer sound advice and practical ways to settle your family law disputes. We help you choose the appropriate strategy, whether settlement or trial.

Our attorneys know that divorce and other legal issues can have an emotional, financial, and legal impact on you and your family. We advocate for your interests on the following:

When your Maryland family needs an advocate

When you need an advocate for your divorce and family law matters, contact the Law Offices of Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC to arrange a consultation.


Clients seeking private, international, or interstate adoptions require the aid of experienced Maryland family lawyers to ensure the process moves smoothly and efficiently. We can help.

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Guardianships involve complex legal issues. We have extensive experience in guardianships of people and their property, conservatorship of their assets, and protection of the rights of legal guardians.

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Legal separation agreements

We help clients protect their rights with quality separation agreements addressing alimony, property division, responsibility for debts, child support and custody matters.

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Enforcement actions

When a spouse who has been ordered to pay child support does not provide it as required contempt and enforcement remedies are available. We handle child support enforcement actions.

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Pre-nuptial agreements

This is a written contract between two people who are about to be married that delineates their financial relationship. We can negotiate and draft these agreements for you.

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Post-nuptial agreements

Instead of a prenuptial agreement, spouses can have this agreement created after they are married. We can draft this for you.

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Domestic violence injunctions

Domestic violence injunctions are civil protection orders for family members. These orders restrain the potential abuser from having contact with another party where domestic violence occurs or when one party has reasonable cause to fear they are in imminent danger from domestic violence. If you are a victim, we help you get a domestic violence injunction. If you are wrongly accused, we defend you against damaging accusations.

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Modification actions

If financial or personal circumstances have changed since your divorce, you can seek a modification of your parenting plan or level of child support or maintenance, custody or visitation. We can represent you.

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